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A poem for the New Year 10 janvier 2013

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I sometimes listen to the wonderful online dharma podcasts offered by the Upaya Instute and Zen Center. In a talk given at the center on last December 26th, Ray Olson read this poem, which I am not sure whether he wrote himself or was quoting :

Life Can be good

In your neighbourhood

Turn off the news of unrest and political strife

There is much to enjoy in this simple life

The big wheels will always be turning

Cities will always be burning

Fierce competition like a contagion rides the big tides,

cold-eyed, worlwide,

We  need places to hide [..]

buddha flower

This poem resonated with me. I know some people will think it is selfishness and self-delusion not to pay attention to all of the upsetting news that surrounds us. I think it is not a question of ignoring what is going wrong in the world and hiding in a soft little bubble of comfort, vs. watching the news and being involved and concerned. To me, this poem is not about ignoring the world, but on the contrary, it is about being more present and embodied in our reality, rather than wrapped up in a virtual and abstract reality of news, internet, constant change and stimulation.


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